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Corinne Smith Examines Implicit Bias & Glass Cliff in Healthcare

As seen in Healthcare IT News.

The #MeToo movement has brought attention to the injustices women have long endured: sexual abuse, harassment and discrimination. While the discussion is important, however, the conversation shouldn’t end there.

To Corinne Smith, a partner at Strasburger & Price LLP, the movement, while important, “is also very disruptive to the working woman’s cause.”

“Women are in a very difficult position right now,” said Smith. “The #MeToo movement is based on overt sexual abuse, harassment and discrimination. However, there are a myriad of other forces at play which are not necessarily being addressed.”

“Our country is still mired in implicit bias,” she added. “There is a term called ‘benevolent sexism’ that still holds women back and is hidden behind the shield of chivalry.”

And part of that contributes to women’s progress in breaking through the glass ceiling. Although women have made significant strides in ensuring they have a seat at the executive table, they’re still underrepresented in C-suite roles — especially in healthcare.

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