Attorneys, thriving through inclusion. 


StrasburgerTHRIVE™ emphasizes the value of multiculturalism to the firm, the legal profession, and the global business community. While Strasburger recruits talented attorneys regardless of ethnicity, StrasburgerTHRIVE™ empowers those ethnically diverse attorneys to achieve greatness in a competitive and ever-changing legal market.

This desire to truly thrive through inclusion permeates firm-wide governing policies and partnership track mentoring, thereby fueling upward momentum of ethnically diverse associates, senior counsel, and partners. By incorporating diverse perspectives into the very foundation of our firm, Strasburger is a stronger, wiser advisor to our friends and clientele.

Clients hire lawyers they trust. Developing genuinely collaborative connections is always more effective when there is commonality, and StrasburgerTHRIVE™ is designed to showcase ethnic diversity as a strength and benefit to those we serve.

As the leadership of corporations continues to diversify, so, too, does the attorney population of Strasburger.  StrasburgerTHRIVE™ offers our multicultural attorneys a strategic platform to identify and pursue partnerships and opportunities available only to select groups. Through these efforts, we are able to create and support pipelines that promote economic growth and stability from the community to the C-suite.

StrasburgerTHRIVE™ is led by a committee of seasoned multicultural attorneys who have incorporated their uniqueness into their successful legal practices. As such, they truly understand the struggle to be authentic while navigating a traditionally homogeneous environment and are uniquely positioned to proactively counsel attorneys of all experience levels.

At its core, StrasburgerTHRIVE™ is an incubator for new leaders – both in business and in law – and is essential to Strasburger’s forward momentum and future service.