Women Lawyers, bold in spirit and practice.


StrasburgerBOLD is the firm’s strategy to promote women within the firm, the legal profession and the global business community. While Strasburger recruits talented female attorneys committed to mastering their craft, StrasburgerBOLD empowers those attorneys to achieve greatness regardless of any gender-specific obstacles. This spirit of boldness permeates firmwide governing policies and partnership track mentoring, thereby fueling upward momentum of associates, senior counsel, and partners.

In the legal field, clients are power. The more an attorney demonstrates her ability to cultivate trust with decision makers, the more respected she is, the more powerful she becomes, and the more change she can effect on behalf of her clients. Knowing how to develop these relationships can present a challenge to those who have focused solely on honing their legal practice expertise. StrasburgerBOLD offers women attorneys training programs that specifically address a woman’s business development challenges – particularly in a competitive geographic area and business culture.

The demanding nature of the legal profession requires women attorneys to maintain a work-life balance that enables them to meet billable hour requirements, marketing expectations, family responsibilities, social obligations, and personal development goals. It isn’t easy. StrasburgerBOLD focuses on candid discussions about the reality and the reward of excelling as a skilled advocate in the legal field. Armed with this invaluable knowledge, the women attorneys of Strasburger achieve effective personal growth that sharpens their client-centric focus and elevates their legal abilities in the courtroom, the boardroom, and beyond.

Strasburger is proud that its governing bodies – from its Policy Committee and Industry Teams to its Associate Development and Diversity Committees – have long included the firm’s top female partners. These women have been instrumental in promoting a vibrant firm culture that supports the growth of all its attorneys and staff and challenges them to be truly great. As the firm continues to strive for a significant retention and promotion of women throughout its attorney and leadership ranks, StrasburgerBOLD will remain dedicated to developing fearless leaders ready to take the firm into the future.

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