Diversity Commitment

At Strasburger, diversity matters.

We take pride in being able to assemble talented legal teams, comprised of qualified women and minorities, to complement the clients we serve. Strasburger values the unique differences in people, including: race, life experiences, education, career path, family responsibilities, hobbies, personal values, personality profiles, politics, religion, sexual orientation, gender identity, and cultural and socioeconomic backgrounds.

Our Diversity Committee has three components – StrasburgerTHRIVE™, our emphasis on the value of multiculturalism; StrasburgerBOLD™, our strategy for promoting women; and StrasburgerPRIDE™, our commitment to elevating lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and questioning (LGBTQ) attorneys and professional staff. Each strives to devise solutions that improve both the firm’s and the legal industry’s demographic makeup. Our diversity efforts, combined with our wide-ranging areas of expertise, allow Strasburger to represent our clients more effectively and achieve faster, better results.

Strasburger is committed to:

  • Ensuring that minority, women, or LGBTQ attorneys are involved and visible through meaningful work, networking and business development activities;
  • Increasing participation in organizations with a focus on minority, women, or LGBTQ community development;
  • Integrating diversity objectives with recruiting strategies;
  • Developing diversity training programs and activities for all personnel; and
  • Implementing a formal vendor/supplier diversity program

Strasburger’s commitment to inclusion is further demonstrated in our active support of industry organizations and mentorship programs with “change directives.” Because we appreciate that cultivating true improvement in the legal field is a long-term investment, our pipeline includes:

  • introducing minority high school and college students to the viability of the law as a career,
  • maintaining those relationships through law school and a new attorney’s early days at Strasburger, and
  • fully supporting minority associates and partners as they rise within Strasburger or their corporate organization.

The Diversity Committee and its sub-committees include the highest echelons of firm leadership – including attorneys and managers from our Human Resources, Recruiting, Professional Development, and Marketing departments. Our clients and other industry experts are also active participants in this ongoing conversation.